Travel: The Road to Seattle

SN858419I know I’ve been missing for a few weeks, but I have a good excuse. I’m moving to Seattle!

My sweetie and I departed from Berkeley, CA and drove straight to the Coppola Winery. It was a beautiful, sunny day, just perfect for wine tasting. We tried a flight of wine before going to Rustic, the restaurant on premises. The food was delicious, and you can’t beat dining outside overlooking the vineyards. We saw a turkey walking around while we ate. It was pretty awesome. We also had the opportunity to see a good amount of Coppola movie memorabilia, which for a movie buff like me was almost better than the wine. I saw Coppola’s five Oscars from The Godfather, the Tucker car, The Godfather desk, Apocalypse Now stuff, and even a couple of costumes from his horrible vampire movie. There is a beautiful swimming pool complete with Boardwalk style changing rooms. All in all it was a fantastic thing to do on a Monday afternoon.

SN858479After we finished pretending to be a wealthy couple, we hopped back in the Honda Civic and headed north on the 101. The 101 North is probably the most beautiful highway in America. The Redwood forest is there! We drove along The Avenue of Giants and took the car through a living tree. We drove to a campground in the Redwood National Forest only to find that they don’t have any wood and they only accept cash. Needless to say we didn’t fit the requirements. We drove to a nearby town and got a hotel room. The heater didn’t work and frogs could be heard outside of the bathroom window all night, so it was almost like camping.

And that brings us to today. We drove from The Redwood forest to Eugene, Oregon. Today. It was a long day but we saw a lot of cool shit. We had lunch in Trinidad, California and walked on the beach. We saw the Paul Bunyan statue and I think I said, “Wow! It’s so pretty!” about seventy times, if I said it once. It’s been an incredible couple of days.

SN858525Tomorrow we are meeting an old friend of mine for lunch before we set out for Portland to visit with some more friends. We are visiting with friends I met in high school, and friends I met in Prague. I’m so excited to reconnect with some cool people I haven’t seen in far too long. I’m also excited to see Portland and hopefully do some Hipster Gazing. It will be the first time I’ll be able to view the Hipster in its natural habitat and I’m jazzed, to say the least.

After that it’s on to Seattle and I’ll fill you in once we get there.