Things I’m Over, Things I’m Loving – Winter 2013

MjAxMi1hYTIwZDM3YmFjYTllMTZkThings I’m Over

  1. Christmas Consumerism. I’m staying with people, so I have a TV in the house for the first time in about ten years. Oh. My. God. I saw a car commercial where the a girl was asking Santa for a car. A CAR. Then I go on FB and see/hear posts featuring kids already opening presents, kids demanding certain presents, and adults patting themselves on the back for… being really good at shopping, I guess. Spending money isn’t thoughtful and it doesn’t require any talent. If you want folks to feel loved and special try making a gift, or spending time together.
  2. Christmas competition. war-on-christmas2Speaking of commercials, what’s with the implied competition? Am I supposed to worry about what my friends and neighbors are doing and then out do it? I supposed to “Own” Christmas? Out-gift the competition? Christmas supposed to be about love and community, not spending money and showing off.
  3. The War on Christmas. The first thing to understand is that not everyone celebrates Christmas, so not everyone cares what race Santa is. And white people, you don’t own Christmas. Christmas is different in every culture, every state, heck – every family. So just live and let live y’all. I’ll keep my black Santa next to my hispanic nativity, which is right next to my Disco menorah. Thank you very much. Now mind your own business.

Things I’m Loving

  1. Nebraska. The film, not the state.I have nothing against the state, I’ve got friends there, but I’ve never been there. The film on the other hand, I saw over the weekend and I can’t stop thinking about it. Alexander Payne is back with yet another movie that made me cry. His movies are often very funny and very real. This one is the same. It tackles themes like aging, and identity and what that means to a persons life and to a family. It is filmed in black and white, but it doesn’t feel condescending or lame or gimmicky. (I’m talking to you Francis Ha) Go see it. It’ll make you feel good.
  2. Beyonceku-xlargeI love that she released an album digitally and without fanfare. Target is refusing to sell her physical album because they think they won’t make money. (Stupid Target) I love that Bey took a page from Cher’s playbook and does copious amounts of costume changes in each of her 17 music videos. I love her voice. And I love her willingness to show her backside.
  3. Law & Order marathons on USA. svu_gallery_600x500It makes me so happy that they have themed marathons like, “What Would B.D. Do?” or “Locks and Loaded” all of Benson’s hair styles displayed for you marathon style. Awesome.
  4. 1375786_10151732595407496_1569055580_nOrange cat. Everyday, at least once a day, I go outside and look for Orange Cat. I don’t know where he lives, but he walks the battlements (the fences dividing the properties) daily. I call him and he comes and lets me pet him. He’s pretty awesome. I made a cardboard box bed for him that he has never used.
  5. Sesame Street Parodies. They’ve been doing these for years. They have done Law & Order, Downton Abbey, and even The Hunger Games. They are hilarious and fun. The Richard Belzer muppet in particular has a great likeness.