News Round Up

There is a lot going on in the world. And rather than write a dozen posts I thought I just put them all together and serve ’em up raw. Here’s my two cents on the news of the day.

  1. The New PopeurlMeet the new boss, same as the old boss. Why bother with popes? Can someone please explain to me why people still care what some old, religious dude thinks? And do you want to know what he thinks? He thinks same-sex marriage is the work of the devil. He said gay adoption is a form of discrimination against children. Hey Francis! You wanna know what is actually bad for children? Rape. Molestation. Catholicism. Anyone following a strict catholic doctrine in this day and age deserves what they get. 
  2. Daylight Savings – Again. What is the point here? With solar panels, and gadgets and really smart people who make really smart things, I don’t see why we need daylight savings for farmers anymore. I am pretty sure this is like all the “No alcohol before noon” laws here in the land that time forgot Texas. You know, just some old rule that nobody bothered to change and now we just live with it.
  3. SXSWSN856684So, here I am in Austin Texas right down the street from the worlds biggest live hipster festival. It also features music and interactive game stuff and movies. It’s pretty cool. I think. I went to see the gaming part by accident, but it was really fun. And there are a ton of celebrities and famous people in town. Now, I’m from LA so I don’t give a shit about meeting famous people, but I do give a shit about seeing some cool bands for free and drinking some free beer. That’s what tomorrow is for. I’m looking forward to some day drinking.

Wow. I kind of thought I’d have more to write about, but I don’t. Politics change so fast there isn’t really much point in having an opinion. Yes I am watching American Idol and I think a woman can and should win this year. I’m not naming names until I see how “America” voted for this first round. What else…more cruise ships leaving folks dead or stranded. Why do people take cruises again? Who wants to be on a floating hotel for the majority of your trip? Anyway, maybe it’s just not for me. That’s all for now. I’ll have a full SXSW review if I see/hear/play anything worth talking about.

The 5 Best Shows You Aren’t Watching

I don’t own a television. I haven’t owned one since 2005. It’s not that I don’t like T.V shows, it’s that I don’t like having to pay cable companies in order to watch them. So I don’t. I watch the shows I like on-line. That way I can keep up with American Idol, Downton Abbey and The Biggest Loser commercial free, cable free, and hell, just free! It also makes me very mindful of what I watch. I can’t just turn it on and see “what’s on”. I have to make a conscious decision to watch television. After I decide what I want to watch (if anything) I have to find it online, and then stream it. It’s still super fast and easy, but I don’t end up wasting time on crap TV like The Real Housewives of Who the Fuck Cares, or Zooey Deschanel in “The Zaney Adventures of a 33-year-old Woman Desperately Trying to Convince the World and Herself that she is 25… Which is also a rip off of Three’s Company”… or whatever it’s called.

You can stream all of these shows on-line. Or on TV or whatever you do to watch shows.

  1. Anthony Bourdain: The Layover (The Travel channel) – url-2Take Anthony Bourdain, give him a film crew and a 24 hour layover in a cool city and see what happens. It’s awesome. It not only inspires you to check out new places in a city you might already know (or live in!), but you get to feel super cool if he talks about one of your favorite places. He spends time talking to locals about their favorite spots to take visitors. He asks cab drivers where to get the best street food. He gets wasted at a tiki lounge with another chef. It’s all very good fun. Check it out.
  2. Shameless (Showtime)????????????????????You think you have a fucked up family? This show (starring William H. Macy as “Frank Gallagher”. The world’s worst, and I mean WORST, alcoholic/drug abusing father. Ever.) gives dysfunction a whole new name. And that name is Gallager. But this show isn’t for the faint of heart, or folks who can’t stand to hear toddlers drop the F-bomb. And that’s saying nothing about the nudity, violence, barf inducing filth or, graphic sex scenes between any number of people of any varied race, gender, age or sexual orientations. I’ll just say there is an awesome lack of dignity in this show, and I love it. It’s funny, over the top, and even sweet at times.
  3. Louie (FX) – This show is like walking inside Louie CK’s mind. It’s funny, sweet, sad and often times uncomfortable. Louie tackles every subject you can think of: kids, single fathers, drinking, working, sloth, dating, assholes, pizza, crazy people, New York City, religion… You get the picture. If you are not a fan of Louis CK yet, then you haven’t watched this show.  Here’s a little bit. 
  4. King of the Nerds (TBS)22588_001_0358_R (1)That’s right, NERDS! It’s a reality based game show that pits nerd against nerd in wacky nerd based challenges like life-size chess, and live gaming. They all live together in “Nerdvana” and compete to see who will sit atop the Throne of Games! I know! Of course there are some totally hate-able and obnoxious freaks who you hope get voted away quickly, but the show also has contestants who work for NASA and are brain surgeons and shit like that. It’s a show that let’s the “nerds” show off their unique talents and show us that they are more than just characters in a silly movie. Speaking of which, the show is hosted by Curtis Armstrong and Robert Carradine. If you don’t know who they are, then you don’t deserve to be called a nerd.
  5. The Taste (ABC)la-dd-the-taste-recap-20130129-001Yes, another cooking game show. I know. But this is my first! I never got into Top Chef, and I occasionally check out Iron Chef, but nothing solid. This show has a twist. Four “Mentors” blind taste each contestants food and judge it purely on taste. With ONE BITE. Only. They don’t know if it is a man or woman, pro chef or home chef – they just get one bite, and that’s it. Only after they vote do they see who cooked it. It’s pretty good fun. It made me both hungry and want to cook, so that’s good. And the “mentors” are Nigella Lawson, Ludo Lefebvre, Anthony Bourdain and Brian Malarkey. The banter is good, the food looks good and the competition is fierce.