20 Holiday Fun Facts

index-santaIt’s December, and that means it is officially “The Holiday Season”, and that means holiday parties! Time to deck the halls, sing some carols, break out the dreidel, and hit the eggnog. Be the hit of your office party or family get together with these handy, holiday fun facts!

*These facts are all easily searchable, therefore I didn’t include links.

  1. America received the largest Christmas gift ever, The Statue of Liberty, from the French in 1886.

  2. Daniel Stern mimed the scream when that tarantula was on his face in the film Home Alone. His actual shriek was dubbed in later. Daniel Stern would only allow the spider on his face for exactly one take. It’s now or never!

  3. President Teddy Roosevelt, an environmentalist, banned Christmas trees from the White House in 1912.

  4. Guess what? It’s not blasphemous to use the term “Xmas”. The Greek “X” is a symbol for Christ.

  5. Ming Ming the elf from the beginning of the movie “Elf” is Peter Billingsley, the actor who played Ralphie in A Christmas Story. medium_ralphie

  6. Puritan Oliver Cromwell outlawed Christmas celebrations and carols in England from 1649-1660. The only celebrations allowed were sermons and prayers. Yawn.

  7. Latkes, or potato pancakes, are a popular Hanukkah dish. They are often served with applesauce and sour cream. Jelly doughnuts, known as sufganiyot, are also popular. The more you know…

  8. Dorothy Parker contributed rewrites to the script for “It’s a Wonderful Life”.

  9. In 1962, the first Christmas postage stamp was issued in the United States.

  10. The Puritans banned Christmas, in Scotland, in 1583. Then they banned it in England in 1644 and reinforced the ban with a 1647 law threatening to throw Christmas celebrators in jail. Christians started the war on Christmas. So there.

  11. In the Czech Republic Christmas is celebrated on December 24 witch a traditional dinner of carp and potato salad. I lived there for seven years and can tell you first hand that, yes, it is as gross as it sounds.

  12. Jack Skellington first appeared in Beetlejuice(1988). His head can be seen atop Beetlejuice’s carnival hat.

  13. Ebenezer Scrooge’s famous catchphrase ‘Bah Humbug’ was only said twice by him in the book. It took Dickens only two months to write the book – October and November of 1893.

  14. The German Krampus accompanies Santa Klaus, as a sidekick, to beat naughty children with a switch but that’s just a day job. The main concern of the Krampus, who wields a foot-long tongue, is sex. Gotta love the Germans. abominable-snowman-520169

  15. The choreography in the film White Christmas was directed by (an uncredited) Bob Fosse. He appears in three dance numbers including an amazing performance in the Abraham number.

  16. The Chanukah Song, by Adam Sandler was off a 1996 album called “What The Hell Happened To Me?”

  17. It’s not active yet, but if you go to http://www.sendacallfromsanta.com/ you can personalize a phone call from Santa. I send one to my friends across the globe every year, and it’s free! And fun!

  18. Santa Claus, the real guy, was born around the year 270, and was the Bishop of Myra, a town in what is now Turkey. He “earned a reputation as an anonymous gift giver by paying the dowries of impoverished girls and handing out treats and coins to children — often leaving them in their shoes, set out at night for that very purpose.”

  19. The first mention of Santa’s reindeer was Clement Moore’s 1822 poem A Visit From Saint Nicholas (Twas the Night Before Christmas).

  20. Jean Shepherd’s book “In God We Trust: All Others Pay Cash”, which “A Christmas Story” is based on, is a collection of semi-autobiographical short stories that Shepherd wrote for “Playboy” magazine during the 1960s.