Travel: Seattle

SN858760I’ve only been in Seattle for a month and a few days and I already love it here. I’ve found a job doing something I love doing, and we are close to having our own flat. I’m excited! Seattle is great. Sure it rains, but that only matters if you don’t like rain and I don’t mind it so much. When it’s not raining the skies are blue, the sun is shining and people walk around with smiles on their faces. The people here are nice, and everyone is fit. For reals. The folks here don’t just talk the talk (Ahem, Austin) they literally walk the walk. Or bike the bike. No matter what the weather, the good people of Seattle are outside walking, riding, gardening or chatting on the corner. This city thrives on being healthy. It also thrives on Happy Hour. You can find a “Happy Hour” anytime of day or night, and every day of the week. Some places have better prices than others, but there is one on every corner so no worries.

Here are a couple of my favorite Seattle spots. So far. I’ll try not to make it all food. And I won’t mention any of the places that weren’t up to snuff. I’ll get to that later. It’s more fun to talk about the great things.

Pike Street Fish Fry – 925 E Pike St, Seattle

The fish and chips here rival London’s best. Light and crispy batter on your choice of fish and a basket of well seasoned, fresh-cut fries finished with coarse sea salt. I would have taken a picture but I ate my food too fast. It’s a small, street side place designed for takeout or fast meals. The music was loud and all the cooks there looked like they were in the same band, but it worked. The vibe was cool and the food was badass. \m/

Seattle Library Central – 1000 4th Ave

SN858730Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas and former Seattleite Joshua Ramus designed the 10 story building, and it’s pretty awesome. The Central Library has a capacity for more than 1.45 million books and materials, and currently there are 1 million items in the collection “and 9,906 shelves devoted to books. All of those books move around the building in a high-tech book-handling system that operates for the most part out of public view.” My fella and I spent a Saturday exploring the place and three hours later, we still weren’t finished. It’s ten stories tall and the views are pretty great from up there. The 4th floor boasts a Red Hall and it certainly is. I highly recommend going there for a free and fun place to check out. 

lThe Honey Hole – 703 E Pike St, Seattle

Again, I didn’t take any pictures of the food because I was too busy eating it. They do sandwiches and they do them really, really well. We’ve eaten there twice and I expect it will be more since it is near my work and our future home. The tagline is “Damn! That’s a good sandwich!” and it fits. Honestly one of the best sandwiches I’ve eaten that I didn’t make. You get to order a hot or cold sandwich, or even a burger. They have Happy Hour (of course. Drinks only) and it gets crowded on a Friday after work. Cocktails and good food accompany the cool vibe of the place. Prints of actors and rock gods adorn the walls, and a framed photo of Scott Baio hangs next to a booth so that you can look at Chachi while you eat one. They name sandwiches after famous characters like The Gooch, The Dude, Chachi or The Corleone. So. Damn. Good.

1458583_10152043785722496_310531287_nRavenna Park

Ravenna Park is a ½ mile wooded ravine which connects two picnic areas just north of the University District. It’s a great spot for hiking, jogging, picnics and various activities with four-legged friends. It’s not a Dog Park, but there are many dogs running this way and that. The park has a play area for kids, a wading pool, ball field, trails, and tennis courts. And did I mention it’s beautiful and free? It is! It is 49.9 acers, so there are plenty of trails to explore. And it’s GREEN. One of the best things about all of the rain in Seattle is the beautiful green that results. After a year and a half in the land of brown and flat, it is so nice to see snowcapped mountains and vivid green trees in the same view.

10152525_10152073534187496_2550977964728250440_nRainbows – Everywhere!

Seattle boasts the best rainbows I’ve ever seen. I’ve seen beautiful rainbows in Prague, L.A., Mexico, and even Ireland, but I’ve never seen any that compare with Seattle’s. And surely none can come close in quantity. Just a few weeks ago we saw a DOUBLE RAINBOW over the cascades. And, both rainbows were full arc. Just like a five year old would draw. I had never seen anything like it. And there were two of them! And they would have made a full circle if the world hadn’t gotten in the way. The Emerald City. Indeed.

10168068_10152069907117496_6156378946509874960_nBimbo’s Cantina – 1013 E Pike St, Seattle

This is our go to spot for Happy Hour. It’s always pretty busy, but you’ll find seats if you venture downstairs to the Cha Cha Lounge. The place looks like a cross between a tiki bar and what an American thinks a Mexican Cantina might look like. There are black velvet paintings on the walls, and Luchadors painted on the tables. I loved it. The food was fantastic as well. We’ve had the happy hour nachos two times and burritos as well. All of it was good, and you get a bucket of chips and salsa for a buck. Can’t beat that. The margarita was pretty good, but I got a watered down version with my second order. It happens, so I switched to beer. Other than that, it was great. Again, it’s loud but worth it. And they played great music while we were in the Cha Cha lounge. You can’t beat Sergio Mendez while you eat nachos.