I Got Your Resolution Right Here

img_7351Are you in need of a good, old-fashioned New Year’s Resolution? Are you in the market for some change? You need a kick in the hiney? A life re-charge? Well friend, look no more. Like the title says, I got your resolution right here. I’ve actually used some of these myself!

  1. Don’t use the word AMAZING at all. All year. Re-discover other adjectives!
  2. For every hour spent in front of a screen, read a book. You’ll be surprised.
  3. Visit every museum in your city. Do it! Art is out there, just waiting for you to look at it. And some of it is even free! You have 365 days to do it. That’s more than enough time.
  4. Look up more often. You never know…
  5. Sparkle more. Duh.
  6. Pledge to stop posting inspirational quotes and pictures on your Instagram feed. Your friends are too nice, so I’ll tell you. They’re annoying. They’re obvious. And, they’re usually misquoted which makes you look stupid. So Just post a picture of a flower that you took yourself. It will be more appreciated.  
  7. Stop being passive aggressive. I’m totally not saying that you are. I mean, I’m so sorry if you thought I was talking about you. But if you think that you might be, passive aggressive I mean, and it’s totally cool if you are, then try to maybe say what you mean. But you don’t have too. Whatever. We have all the time in the world to wait for you to spit it out.
  8. Call bullshit when you hear and see it. No explanation needed, but honestly, things won’t change if you just wait for other people to do all the hard shit.
  9. Walk more.
  10. Be nicer.

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